The effect of coronavirus in the stock market


  • Klea Cani
  • Brendon Pojani



Living in the era of globalization made the spread of the virus to affect the entire world’s economy. The stock market plays a huge role in the well-going of the economy and for this reason the changes that have happened due the pandemic affected on everyone's lives.
Stock market is a perfect investment for all because saving in the stock market is the safest way to produce returns over time that can surpass inflation and now it is being affected by the virus. It is a fact that the stock market and the economy are related together. Many industries have been badly hit by the virus but also some other companies have had major benefits and for this reason the financial market changed directly in an unexpected way. So the market itself reacts to these changes and also should continue to deal with problems that have existed in it before the virus. Many of the problems surfacing now are actually derived from the great crisis that happened in 2008. Recession might happen if the situation goes on for too long but there are facts that also throw this down.


Covid-19, Stocks, Epidemic, Economy, Industry, Impact.


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