Community assessment of public services and its role in decision-making for local development


  • Dr. Parashqevi Draci
  • Majlinda Velcani



This study aims to highlight the perception of residents about public services provided by the local government and residents’ perception of participation in public decision-making for the allocation of economic resources by the local government. The research method in this study is based on the study of literature, analysis, and monitoring carried out by independent institutions and organizations on community participation in local government decision-making (Desk research) and observation through interviewing residents in the area of study for the collection of primary data. The results of this study show the fragility of the approach of community involvement in local government for local planning and development in the study area. The improvement of public services and the active participation of residents in local planning and development is one of the most important objectives of local government reform. Efforts for sustainable development, referring also to the data of this study, should be accompanied by efforts to build and consolidate the community field.


Public decision-making, community participation, public services, local development.


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Author Biographies

Dr. Parashqevi Draci

University “Aleksander Moisiu” Durres, Public Administration Department, Durres, Albania

Majlinda Velcani

University “Aleksander Moisiu” Durres, Public Administration Department, Durres, Albania


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