Alternative finance. It is time to redefine capitalism


  • PhD. Besarta Tafa Canadian Institute of Technology, Faculty of Economy, Business Administration Department



Recently, there is an ongoing increased interest for the notion of Alternative Finance. It is a new concept, but it is becoming widely accepted from the market participants, especially in the financial market. Alternative Finance was first introduced after the financial crisis of 2008. Apparently, the it was thought to be a choice for the problems that the financial crisis caused. Many studies were conducted about the Alternative Finance, showing interesting results about it. Nowadays, more and more countries are using it in parallel with conventional finance. A special part of Alternative Finance is the Islamic Banking. It has a different way of operating from conventional Banking. The bank products are designed to fit a mutual incorporation with shared profits and risks, differing from those of conventional banks. They help their customers by financing their purchases or entering into different investing contracts to make profits.


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Author Biography

PhD. Besarta Tafa, Canadian Institute of Technology, Faculty of Economy, Business Administration Department

Besarta Tafa has been a lecturer of Finance and Accounting at the Canadian institute of technology since 2014. Graduated in Finance and Accounting, with an experience as financier in NGO. Holding a PhD diploma in Business Administration from Charisma University, United Kingdom. Research associate at EMAT laboratory, University de Moncton, Canada. Author of the book titled “Islamic Finance, an alternative solution to financial crisis”, published by LAP publishing house, Germany. Author of some journal articles.


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