Editorial Team

Academicus ISJ is led by an international Editorial Board, whose members with their outstanding reputation in scientific research and their academic qualities, by a visionary and strategic orientation, ensure a clear focus and the qualitative contribution of the journal in the publication of the scientific content, on a global scale.

Editor in Chief

Prof. Arta Musaraj


Editorial Board
Prof. Musaraj Arta
Entrepereneurship Training Center
Vlore, Albania
Academic Abazi Alajdin
Academician, Macedonian Academy of Sciences and Arts
Republic of Macedonia
Prof. Canullo Giuseppe
Polytechnic University of Marche
Ancona, Italy
Prof. Carayol Valerie
University of Bordeaux
Bordeaux, France
Prof. Chasdi Richard J.
The George Washington University
Washington DC, USA
Prof. Chiodi Guglielmo
University La Sapienza
Rome, Italy
Prof. Horner Donald H., Jr.
Jacksonville University’s Davis College of Business
Florida, United States
Prof. José María Vázquez García-Peñuela
Universidad Internacional de La Rioja
La Rioja, Spain
Prof. Invernizzi Emanuele
IULM University
Milan, Italy
Prof. Macioti Maria Immacolata
(Member in Memorium) † 2021)
University La Sapienza
Rome, Italy
Prof. Marsonet Michele
University of Genoa
Genoa, Italy
Prof. Lopez Alves Fernando
University of California
Santa Barbara, CA, USA
Ambassador Thomas Patrick Melady
(Member in Memorium) † 2014)
Institute of World Politics
Washington, D.C., USA