The role and importance of functioning institutions of justice in fighting crime




Justice authorities are one of the main pillars on which rests the basis of the functioning of most other institutions within a state. As is known the justice authorities, but that within their authority to have the preservation of public peace and order, have and fighting and preventing crime in general. Institutions that have special role in the fight against crime are numerous, but we have dealt only some of the key institutions involved in combating and preventing criminal phenomena in general and in particular in Kosovo. Ranging from the role of police in preventing and fighting crime as a phenomenon of harmful and dangerous to society then continued with the role and importance of the state attorney in fighting and preventing crime in Kosovo, to continue in the role and importance of courts in the prevention of crime. Also, is treated the protection of human rights in general within the legal system in Kosovo, addressing the issue of respect for human rights and the possible limits of institutions that have officials in respect to human rights in general.


institutions of justice, police, courts, prosecution, crime prevention and fighting, and human rights


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