Intercultural Dialogue as a way out of the present crisis.


  • Franco Ferrarotti Prof. Emeritus of La Sapienza University, Italy. Founder "Critica Sociologica" 0000-0003-4964-5371



We live in a technical age. That is to say, modern societies have adopted technological innovation as a guide-principle. But technique is a perfection without an aim. It can only control its internal operations. It is the eternal return of the identical. Hence, a general feeling of social disorientation and anxiety. Moreover, in a nuclear age such as ours, there is no guarantee of survival for mankind. From a diachronic historical process, we are in a synchronic one. All cultures are to be considered at the same level. The only way out is dialogue, intercultural relations, based on a concept of «cultural co-tradition».


technique, mass anxiety, intercultural dialogue, tradition, survival,


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