The regime of inequality affecting the Roma community in Albania




Despite the existence of official recognition and legislative measures aimed at addressing the challenges faced by the Roma minority in Albania, this marginalized group nevertheless faces adverse and challenging living conditions, restricted educational and healthcare opportunities, and a high rate of unemployment. The objective of this study is to analyze the above-mentioned difficulties within the framework of different forms of exclusion and inequality that form a designated regime of inequality, and to provide an overview of the present condition of this system in Albania. The primary theoretical framework applied in the present work is Sergio Costa's conceptualization of an inequality regime. The objective of this research is to illustrate the universal applicability of this framework by examining its relevance in the context of Roma Albanians. The present research utilizes a diverse range of data, such as reports from international organizations, scholarly assessments, and media reports, in order to conduct a thorough investigation of the unequal system that has affected the Albanian Roma community for the past thirty years.


xenophobia, inequality, entangled inequalities, Roma community, albanian society,


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