The Project

The project

About the Platform

Developments in the field of the internet and online media have created new opportunities for increasingly wider access of researchers, professors, students, and the general public to the products of academic and scientific work. Albanica comes before you with exactly this goal: to create an online space where all those interested can find Albanian scientific academic articles and journals. Until today, this useful national intellectual wealth created in Albania, Kosovo, and throughout Albania was found only on the shelves of the universities and personal libraries, and mass access to it has been limited. With Albanica, it is possible for anyone interested to find within a few moments on their computer or digital device the magazine or the required article

Albanica represents an intellectual initiative that aims at a nationwide recognition and distribution of the products of the work of researchers and the Albanian academic body. It is open to all university and academic institutions hoping for a broad understanding of all actors for the creation of this necessary and extremely useful space.

Taking into account the new developments related to the globalization of knowledge , Albanica has undertaken and has all the necessary capacities to open the Albanian research and study work for the academic world and the international public. Through indexing services, Albanica aims to raise to a new level the global visibility of the products of this work and its transformation into a bibliographic resource accessed and cited by researchers and academics around the world. In this way, Albanian research work will become an integral part of the global corpus of knowledge and science.

The platform creates opportunities for access to scientific journals by universities, faculties, and departments. It also enables search by authors, by journal numbers, or by time period. But search is also enabled through keywords across the platform in general as well as in each magazine in particular.

Albanica offers hosting of permanently guaranteed journals, technical editing, and publication in several types of article formats, such as PDF, HTML, and XML. It provides a number of services for all interested parties, ranging from collection and correction to professional translation into foreign languages ​​of their articles or abstracts.

The platform operates in compliance with all legal and administrative acts related to copyright, intellectual property protection, privacy, and personal data protection, and other formal aspects related to this field.