Vlerësime dhe kritika ndaj veprave të Ronald Dworkin si filozof i së drejtës





The purpose of this paper is to give a general overview of Dworkin's works regarding naturalism and positivism. Dworkin is considered one of the most prominent figures in legal studies. He was a leading figure in contemporary legal philosophy . Interpretivism is famously associated with Ronald Dworkin , considered one of the most prominent liberal egalitarian political philosophers, who has consistently tried to create the best possible theory of distributive justice of equality so that all members of society can live well. Ronald Dworkin has made a great contribution regarding the legal interpretation that judges should make when considering a judicial process. The latter are occasionally faced with unclear legal provisions or for a given issue there may be legal gaps. Dworkin aims at the reaffirmation, the redemption of utopian moral foundations, with a character and mobilizing force of liberalism. In a summary of Dworkin's conception of justice, he defines it as a sovereign virtue of a liberal political community, and at the same time the justice of time is a parameter of individual ethics. For the construction of the paper, qualitative, descriptive methods were used based on in a wide literature of different foreign authors. In the paper, first, a short analysis will be made of Dworkin's works, 'models of rules' and 'naturalism'. We will continue with criticisms and evaluations which have different authors in relation to the works of Dworkin. Then we will make a synthesis of the paper, listing the recommendations and conclusions reached.

Fjalët kyçe:

philosophy of law, interpretivism, naturalism, positivism


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Author Biography

Majlinda Velçani, Faculty of Political Sciences and Law, Aleksandër Moisiu University, Durrës

Faculty of Political Sciences and Law, Aleksandër Moisiu University, Durrës, Email: linda88_dr@hotmail.com,  orcid: https://orcid.org/0009-0004-3054-0208


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