Ndikimi i sistemit arsimor tek të rinjtë që largohen nga Shqipëria


  • Mirjam Reci University “Aleksander Moisiu” Durrës
  • Vasilika Papa Albanian University, Faculty of Medical Sciences, Tirana, Albania




The education system is playing a very important role in the youths who want to leave Albania. The majority of students who intend to leave Albania to work and travel to other countries are studying in some very specific universities and branches that are mostly required especially in the German labor market. It is noticed that they are studying nursing, medicine and IT engineering and more. Since the day that Germany offered to Albanian youths to work there after being awarded such specific diplomas from Albanian universities and with a very good command of German language, many private universities were accredited and opened more opportunities to students to study in such fields. The number of students is increasing every year with no intention to be decreased. The education system is not doing anything to stop this process of “leaving youths”. On the contrary, they are allowing it by granting universities the opening of new faculties with the required professions. Despite this fact, it is noticed that many youths do not prefer to be teachers of maths, physics etc. This means that within some years we will be in great need of these professions so much required for the future education in Albania. This will harm our children and the future of the country. For the purpose of this research, it is will be drafted a questionnaire the results of which will provide a better view point about the situation that the current students are facing and their future plans in relation to immigration to Germany or other European countries.

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education system, youths, universities, immigration, labor market, professions


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Author Biographies

Mirjam Reci, University “Aleksander Moisiu” Durrës

University “Aleksander Moisiu” Durres, Faculty of Education, Durres, Albania, email: miriamreci@yahoo.com

Vasilika Papa, Albanian University, Faculty of Medical Sciences, Tirana, Albania

Albanian University, Faculty of Medical Sciences, Tirana, Albania, email: lika.papa@gmail.com


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Reci, Mirjam, and Vasilika Papa. 2024. “Ndikimi I Sistemit Arsimor Tek Të Rinjtë Që Largohen Nga Shqipëria”. Diskutime 13 (31-32):38-45. https://doi.org/10.58923/diskutime.v12i31-32.3871.