Some Roman fibulae discovered recently in Apolonia


  • Sabina Veseli


During the intensive research and excavations undertaken in Apolonia by the Albanian-French expedition a rich metallic collection has been discovered such as: dress accessories, bijous, sculptural elements, vases, working tools ect. In this article it will be taken in consideration six fibulae which have been discovered during the excavations undertaken in the monumental center. All fibulae
unpublished for the moment, belongs to different types mainly dated to the roman period. The main point of this article is their chronological, typological and distribution revision as a first attempt for the study of this category of material often neglected in the past in the Albanian publications besides sporadic articles related to prehistoric, Hellenistic and late antic fibulae. The fibulae belong to defined typologies widely known in the country and abroad: one fibula of Alesia type, two of Aucissa type, one a derivative of Aucissa and two fibulae of Zangenfibeln type. The fibula FM 97 belongs to the Alesia type. This typology is characterized by a non uniformity in morphology, originating from Spain on the I century BC, then widely distributed on the north and the east. The fibula of Apolonia has a flat triangular bow with decoration consisting in incised circles and lines, triangular hinge folded inwards, finding similarities with Feugere 21a and Cocis 13a types. This typology has been taken in consideration by various researchers; some of them identify it as Alessia while others recognize in this typology a variant of Aucissa.


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